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Internationally Recognized Fitness Certification Training

On-line, small group & one on one options available to help you achieve your canfitpro group fitness certification

Group Fitness (FIS) Certification

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Follow your passion

Join me in order to successfully prepare yourself to specialize in creating and instructing group fitness classes to hundreds of participants.

If you are the type of individual that enjoys working out, consider turning that passion into a career. 

Teach quality group fitness classes with a Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) certification through canfitpro

Canada's largest fitness network, canfitpro is recognized and accepted globally as a fitness certification.

 In order to teach group fitness, most fitness facilities require you to be be certified to do so. 

To teach virtually, valid certification is required to avoid certain liabilities.

Certification requires in-class/on-line learning to successfully pass both a theoretical exam and practical exam.

Now more than ever the fitness industry is looking for you!

A world of opportunity awaits you as a certified instructor of classes such as 

met-con, group weight training, cycling, step, HIIT, bootcamp, Zumba and more.  

Don't just join the fitness revolution - become a leader!  

Train with me to become a Fitness Instructor Specialist in three easy steps:

1) Speak to me about the right course and membership for you. Select a date to attend one of my FIS certification preparation workshops.  

To view virtual and in person course dates, exam dates and locations click here.

2) Register for my certification prep workshop and exam date online at canfitpro or speak to one of their representatives at 1-800-667-5622. 

3) Once you have completed the workshop and successfully passed your written exam we will jointly set a date, location and time for your practical exam. Additional learning & workshop opportunities are available to help you through this final step can be found by clicking here.

Karyn Silenzi canfitpro PRO TRAINER  

I am your local contact and am available to answer questions about the certification program and the courses or exams being offered. You will work closely with me as your PRO TRAINER until you have completed the certification process.  

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About your PRO TRAINER

For nearly 28 years Karyn Silenzi, canfitpro PRO TRAINER has  

been active in the health and fitness industries. A Canadian provincial team athlete in rowing and a national team athlete in long distance triathlons, Karyn has worked with and trained alongside Olympic and nationally ranked athletes and coaches. Graduating with a Bachelor’s Degree in Education, she developed an interest and pursued further education in fitness and group exercise training, with the belief that health and education go hand in hand. She currently hires and trains fitness professionals across the globe.  

Karyn Silenzi is an ICG Master Trainer for North America, presents at national fitness conferences, writes articles and class profiles for international companies, and runs training workshops

 in a number of different group fitness modalities.

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It's about you

Let me show you some of the options available to you to assist you in following your dreams to become a fitness professional.  

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globally recognized Fitness Instructor Specialist (FIS) certification

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