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Options and Choices

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 We are all individuals and as such may require different things. No matter who you are or which stage you are at in your desire to become a fitness professional, there is a solution for you. In class workshops or one-on-one, I've got you covered. Contact me at to discuss what would best suit your learning journey and options available to you. Together we will navigate through the different steps and choices to create the opportunities for you to become a Fitness Instructor Specialist through canfitpro - the largest fitness network. 

In-Class Training

Group fitness instructor training

I will assist you in preparing for your canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist certification exams by hosting an interactive 25 hours in-class training session formatted to appeal to multiple learning styles. Meet and learn along side other fitness enthusiasts as, together we navigate through core concepts and practical competencies designed to prepare you in basic fitness theory and technique development. 

Course fees (click here) are paid to canfitpro and include annual membership fees. To see what others just like you have to say about training with me - click here.

Cueing, Choreo, & Musicality

canfitpro Pro Trainer Karyn Silenzi

  Avoid the common pitfalls of stage fright, choreography plateaus and poor class development. Included in your 25 hour canfitpro Fitness Instructor Specialist certification workshop we will create, build, practice and support practical competency concepts that result in health and fitness classes that are safe, effective and efficient. Critical to the success of your practical exam, this portion will ensure you can confidently create, practice, prepare and deliver a well rounded exercise experience to your participants for the practical exam portion and in each class you teach thereafter.  

One on One

Calgary group fitness instructor training become a fitness instructor

Life can get messy and sometimes you just need a little bit more help. If you are looking for exclusive individualized assistance aside from our prep workshop in order to successfully pass your theoretical and practical exams to become certified as a Fitness Instructor Specialist, options for one on one work are available both locally and remotely. There are no obstacles. There are always solutions. Contact me for more details and to learn more about the fee schedule for this exclusive service. 

Small Group Workshops

Calgary group fitness training

Designed for individuals looking to further hone their skills, increase their marketability or to assist in the preparation for their practical exam in a safe and supportive environment.  These additional learning opportunities support canfitpro in Calgary and will give you the opportunity to work with experienced fitness instructors and build the core competencies required to become a top rated fitness instructor in a number of different modalities.  Additional fees apply.  Speak to me about upcoming opportunities.

Continuing Education

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Learning is a journey and the importance of keeping your education up to date is paramount. Whether you are looking for broad based information or concept specific education, I can provide options for ongoing opportunities to attend, network and further enhance your marketability in Calgary, Edmonton and surrounding areas through any of the following CE and workshop opportunities.